Main Offer of the EGC plc.

Project Management and Controlling

  • Complex services in management of large projects.
  • Active participation on project teams of our clients.
  • Preparation of solutions for improvements of these activities and their introduction to the praxis
  • Information systems’ engineering
  • Methodics development and installation

Expertise Services

  • Systematic cooperation with our clients; solutions to problematic areas of their activities
  • Elaboration of exact specifications for both the suppliers and customers
  • Preparation of approaches and sources of capacity of the elaboration and realization of these solutions

Project Consulting

  • Technical aid to project supervision
  • Independent work in workgroups
  • Project engineering
  • Project documentation

Construction Contracting

  • Safeguarding expert-consulting in the affairs of contractual relations
  • Delivery of consultations to contracts negotiations and review of already concluded contracts.

Specialized Translations Services

  • Specialized translations mediation
  • Preparation of expert documentation in foreign languages.