Our mission is to assist the enterprises and organizations doing their activities in
the position of suppliers, investors or customers in the area of capital construction to
fulfil their tasks in better and more economical ways.

Strategic Focus

The main strategic focus of the company is the area of the management of large-scale projects, proposals of information systems designed for the management of projects and compilation of appropriate methodologies and their implementation and realization. Another very important area of company specialization is represented by contractual relations concerning constructions and business, which involves, inter alia, such activities as contract compilation, consulting relating to the concluding, assessment and fulfillment of contractual terms and conditions, etc. Last, but not least it includes such activities as technical aid during the project supervision, general coordination of works of various specialization, elaboration of expert opinions, expertise reports and technical translations.

Orientation in the Area of Capital Expenditure Construction

  • Through its offer the EgC company follows up and complements the roles played by the main construction participants in the areas where it can offer integrated solutions of partial problems or a long-term support provided during ordinary activities and within the whole term of construction.
  • EgC offers flexibility and adaptability to the varying conditions and requirements of its clients.
  • EgC offers connections to other companies and workplaces in the field of capital expenditure construction and power engineering.
  • EgC offers flexible solution of just those issues which represent the most serious problems of its clients.

Company’s Vision

  • to be a progressive advisory company for investment and capital expenditure activities and construction, in particular in the area of power engineering.
  • to form a team of skilled staff and specialists and to assist the main participants in the construction of the totals of capital investment in an efficient way.
  • to acquire confidence of its clients as a supplier of services which can be more effectively realized in a small or medium-size private company.
  • to develop its own know-how in specific advisory areas.
  • to support efficiently the entire progress of construction by means of using the experience of its workers with a connection to other well-known professional workplaces.

Human Resource Possibilities

EgC has at its disposal a team of skilled experts who feature very good orientation in the areas of their activities. They have acquired invaluable experience during the realization of large totals of capital investments. The employees of the company are able to operate all over the territory of the country, depending on the needs of the clients. Given the lack of the staff featuring the above described experience and practice the company continues to train and search for other staff with suitable focus and education, who are able to work independently on required positions, following a short period of acquiring experience.

Integrated Profile of the Offer

EgC offers an integrated complete set of services designed for the realizations of integrated solutions and a long-term support and cooperation. Within the framework of a gradual construction of its know-how and fulfillment of its strategic focus it integrates other relating activities for the purpose of the achievement of a really complete offer of its services.